Wild Meme Machine

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You can choose a picture from the templates displayed below the picture.
Or upload your own cool picture!
You can add more text fields if you like and resize or move them with your mouse.
You can even draw lines if you like.
Check the guide on the right to see what the buttons do.
Note that the upload button will not work until you entered text, to prevent empty pictures from being submitted by accident.

When uploaded, you can safe the picture to your drive if you want a copy of it.
Have a little patience to see it appear on the site because it needs to be approved first to prevent abuse. Which we trust you won’t do because you are an awesome being!

Please don’t upload anything that you don’t own or do not have the permission to post.
Do not ridicule or bully others in these pictures. If you do, your picture will be removed.
If you do not own the picture, please be so kind to mention the source in some way. Because we love sources!