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February 20 is Cats For President Day

A good working government is an ideal situation for any country.However many people all over the world sometimes feel like their country is ruled by a bunch of monkeys banging on keys….

Maybe we would rather have cats instead!
We already joke about people being ruled by cats and how they once were cats and never forgot.
Just kidding…right?


What if your country or even the world was ruled by a cat?
Would you like a playful cute kitten for president?
Or rather a gracious chatty siamese cat?
Or a distinct cultured library cat?
Or a feisty street cat?

The date of this holiday, February 20, remembers Socks Clinton, the First Cat of the United States.
Socks was born in 1990 as a stray cat who lived a hard live on the streets of Arkansas until one day he saw Chelsea Clinton leaving the house of her piano teacher and decided to adopt her.
He charmed her and jumped into her arms. He made a good choice.

Photograph of Socks the Cat Sitting Behind the President’s Desk in the Oval Office

When Chelsea’s father, Bill Clinton, was elected president in 1993, Socks Clinton gained the status of “presidential pet”.
Socks became First Cat of the United States but he was not the first cat to be in this position.
Many animals have been presidential pets. Many presidents had cats, dogs, but also donkeys, mice and even a foul mouthed parrot.
Socks accompanied the president on some visits and even had his likeness used as a mascot on the website of the White House.

However being a cat, Socks was not very practical as company for visits and was replaced in 1997 by a labrador named Buddy.
Socks did not appreciate the competition and it led to a conflict that, according to president Clinton, was more complicated than dealing with Israelite’s and Palestinians.

After the Clintons left the White House when George H Bush became president, Socks moved in with the secretary Bettie Curry to be far away from the pesky dog.
In her care he made several occurrences at parades and other public events.
Socks lived until he passed away in 2009 at the ripe age of 19-ish.


Socks may not have been a president.
But we could wonder what would happen if he was.
That picture of him at the microphone does speak to the imagination.
We have seen the weirdest politicians by now.
Maybe we should consider a non human for president.


If you don’t like cats, then has been trying to make hamsters for president for more than a decade!
Do you prefer another animal for president?
Which one would it be and why would that animal be a great president?

What? I don’t even live for a 4 years period!

Six cases of pets who saved a human from life threatening depression

Life is no picnic with tuna snacks and cocktails.
But sometimes life is really hard and you can feel like you want to literally disappear.
These are the times that you need that little spark of hope.
Friends can make a great difference in these dark times.
And sometimes no friendship is so pure as true friendship of an animal.
When an animal says you are worthy of love. They mean it with the purest honesty.


1. Cat saves veteran from life threatening PTSD.

When Josh returned home shell shocked from the sights of war he thought life was no longer such a nice option.
Fate however took a moment where Josh decided to light his last cigarette to send a kitten his way. The kitten brushed along his legs and purred heart warmingly. So Josh’s heart melted and he took care of this starving kitty.
Until one day the kitten never showed up…
Josh was lonely again but at least the kitten showed him he was worthy of love.
Feeling worthy of love Josh found a girl friend and also still missed having a cat in his life.
At the shelter he did not find a kitty. A kitty found him.
A familiar paw patted at him. It was the kitten he met before!
Josh and Scout were inseparable from then on and later became a family with the girl friend and her cats. Yeah, she had cats too. What a great match.

2. Jumper convinced not to jump to his death by reminding him of his love for his cat

There once was a guy who made some poor life decisions. Like stealing a car and getting caught. And then fleeing into a building where he threatened to jump from the third floor.
The police succeeded to stall him for hours, but it remained a standoff until they called in the aid of his cat.
Upon seeing his little best firend, the man decided that jail was still better than leaving his little best friend behind. He was granted a moment to cuddle the cat before he was arrested.
Hopefully the cat got visiting rights with tuna sacks.

3.Flemith saves Alex from depression. Then Alex saves Flemith from lethal congenital hernia.

Flemith and Alex.
Click the picture for the whole story and a lot of photo’s

Alex was in a real bad place. Her crippling depression caused her already two times to attempt taking her life. She lived on somehow but life gave her no joy.
Until she adopted a kitten who was given as a present to someone who didn’t want a cat. (seriously, never give people pets by surprise. That’s just irresponsible)
The kitten proved to be a lot of fluffy love and a great conversationist.
With the house filled with love. Alex’s life felt so much better.
Until Flemith was diagnosed with congenital peritoneal pericardial hernia. Without surgery he would have a very short life of maybe a week.
The world of these two friends seemed to collapse. Flemith would have a life that was way too short and Alex would lose her very best friend.
Happily, friendship was magic as friends who were aware of how much Flemith had done for Alex decided to fund the very expensive surgery.
The surgery was extensive, but Flemith recovered well with the loving care of Alex.
As far as known both are still living happily ever after and even sharing their surplus of love by growing into a family with a husband and little kiddy.

4. Good doggy saves big friendly giant from hanging himself.

Byron Glyn Taylor and Geo

Somewhere in 2015 life was so depressing for Byron that he made a noose from some sturdy rope and went looking for a good place to hang.
But his dog Geo decided he needed to steal that rope and shred it.
This time it was no game. Geo wouldn’t listen to his human and growled whenever Byron tried to take the rope back. Geo was usually a very obedient sweet good boi.
Byron took the hint and ofcourse when a doggy shows you this much love and concern, any reasonable human would understand how much that shows there are some really good things on this earth and that friendship truly is magic.
Byron went on to spread the lesson he learned from Geo and is still helping out humans and doggies wherever he can.
For Geo alas this was one of his last good deeds as shortly after saving his human he developed a lethal tumor. Currently Byron is also struggling with his health, but he still goes on living his live in a way that would undoubtedly make Geo proud.
These two made the world a better place already.

5.Sergeant helps cat with wounded paw, then the cat helps the sergeant endure the horrors of war.

While employed in Afghanistan a cat with a wounded paw came by Jesse’s camp.
The sergeant helped the cat with his wound and took care of him, naming the cat Koshka.
War is a terrible situation and the final straw broke when two of Jesse’s friend were killed in a suicide attack.
Jesse fell in a deep depression but Koshka wouldn’t let his best friend go through this alone. He gave the sergeant the special attention treatment and it helped Jesse to endure until he could return home.
Thankful to his furry friend he couldn’t bear to leave Koshka behind and smuggled him home with help from some other great heroes.


Dude! You only has one life!

6.Cat slaps some sense in his suicidal human

This anonymous redditor confessed about wanting to end it all.
While writing the good bye letter the cat slaps at the human’s legs and meows incessantly.
“Hey, hoomin! What the fluff are you doing? Snap out of it!”
This is a link to the whole story and it’s comments.


Whenever you feel so down that you have nothing to lose or that you are a burden. Think hard if you really have no glimmer of hope left.
If you really want to end life, just end life the way you were living it by changing your life. Friends can help you and/or find professional help. It’s the job of professionals to help you so make their life useful by calling for their help.
Remember that even the worst people in this world seem to deserve help and friendship, so why not you?

Black cat appreciaton through time

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Currently in the time we are writing this, Summer 2018, the widespread superstition in the Western popculture about black cats is that they are unlucky and/or the only cat fit for witches.

Once upon a time, things were quite different…
And even that changed for quite different times and quite different places.


by Katzenfee50

The culture most well known for cat mythology were ofcourse the ancient Egyptians.
Most cats were the Egyptian Mau, but the well loved goddess Bastet was most often depicted as a beautiful black cat with golden markings.
The Egyptians appreciated cats a lot for keeping mice and snakes away from their buildings. So it is no wonder that casts were seen as great protectors. Also their aesthetically pleasing looks, their playfulness and affection to their humans and offspring made Bastet a symbol of a protective fun loving mother god.
No wonder her popularity was only rivaled by the even more sunny goddess Isis.
(Not THAT Isis. The goddess was there way before the terrorist group defiled her name.)



By Ludwig Pietsch (1824-1911) – Murray, Alexander (1874). Manual of Mythology

All over the world there were, and sometimes still are, many many folklores about black cats…
Some deal with the famous crossing of paths. This differs greatly per region.
In many European regions it makes difference if the black cat comes from the right or the left. From the left is often the lucky version.
If you encounter a black cat crossing your path from right to left, there are several ways you can averse the bad luck:
– You can walk back to where you first saw the black cat and start walking that part over again
– Make a cross in the air. (This probably only works for Christians)
– You can hold a strand of your hair.
A black cat approaching you is often a sign of good luck. The black cat shunning you means bad luck.


By Fedor Flinzer

In many folklores a black animal of any kind could be a sign of good or bad luck. Depending on the circumstances.
Like in Northern Europe a black animal visiting you while you were sick might mean that Death could be near. In Scandinavia this was often a job for ravens.
Which is kinda eerie because ofcourse there would be more black ravens than black cats around.
A black cat entering your home means good luck for your home. A black cat entering a ship ensures a good journey. However if the black cat was being finicky about getting on and off again that meant bad omen for the ship.
Also, finding a white hair on a seemingly all black cat is a very lucky sign.
For a while it was customary in England to give newly weds a black kitten to bless their marriage.
In Italy to hear a black cat sneeze means good luck is coming your way.
In Japan black cats were considered very lucky to have. They would ensure good luck in finding love. Also in Japan it was believed that when a black cat crosses your path, which way doesn’t matter, greeting it kindly would bring good luck.
Remarkable is how often a black cat is supposed to bring or signal good luck. Are Western people perhaps missing something?


Join Satanism by kissing this cat’s butt! It somehow makes sense … to Christians that is. By Jean Tinctor, Traittié du crisme de vauderie

The Dark Ages were however a very dark time for cats and especially black cats as many of the negative folklore myths about cats were brought up to fuel the fire of Christian persecutions of whatever they deemed to be evil. And ofcourse every religion or even everything that opposed the current ruling church was conveniently called “pagan” or even “satanic”.
Especially  Pope Gregory IX  was supposedly responsible for vilifying black cats among some other creatures when he issued the Vox in Rama in the 1230-somethings describing what he declared to be devil worship and how to deal with it.
This lead to a horrific mass killing of black cats by either the stake or other horrible means.
Dark ages indeed..
This is often theorized to be a very unlucky superstition in itself. Because so many cats were killed that it was a golden age for rats who supposedly were the great spreaders of the great bubonic plague that followed in the time after the great feline genocide.
We made our own bad luck.

The 9th Life
Louis William Wain (1860-1939)


Did we learn?
Ofcourse not!
Just check our history books that consist mainly of our ages of doing not so great things.
When European immigrants occupied great parts of North and South America they took their superstitions along.
More cats and “witches”were burned and the settlers made up even more superstitions of their own based on the culture they came from.
Satanic panics are still a thing among Americans and the black cat became one of the culture icons of Halloween.
And ofcourse there is the superstition of the black cat crossing your path from either way always bringing bad luck. No ifs, no buts and no revelsals.




Living in a time of increased critical thinking we should think those superstitions would disappear.
However in both the America’s and Europe many cat shelters still see the trend of black cats being most unlikely to be adopted.
This is probably because black cats still have the bad stigma that the Dark Ages gave them.
But rumors are that this era of social media gave rise to a whole new reason not to have a black cat:
Black cats are very hard to take a selfie with!
So, actually, having any black animal means you need better camera skills. Or just very very good luck. 😉